Ornate's Price Promise

Shelly Luthra
Managing Director

Our lowest pricing guarantees we do everything possible to offer you refreshingly affordable latest designer jewels, including making sure that our prices are consistently lower than the retail shop's and other jewelers in the market.

From cutting out the middleman and manufacturing each jewellery piece in house ourselves, we are able to do away with the usual mark-ups for unnecessary frills and costs such as stores, fancy displays, expensive advertising, brand ambassadors and celebrities, you can be rest assured we will keep on passing - savings - to your pocket always.

Also on top of the savings, we are extremely serious about - quality - our team is constantly designing and manufacturing the latest trends in contemporary luxury jewelry and the timeless classics while making sure that you always get a quality piece of jewelry from us.

Based in Hongkong and India, Ornate has been successfully making our customers happy for several years now, Our lovely happy customers show we have the staying power of those who never fail to offer brilliant attractive prices, excellent products and a service that people can trust always.

The entire Ornate Team always look forward to delighting you and your loved ones with unbelievable value for money on beautiful jewelry and accessories for many years to come.